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Farnoosh Brock


Farnoosh Brock went from electrical engineer and rising leader at a Fortune 100 to business coach, speaker and trainer. She has helped many businesses and companies to adopt the mindset of serving over selling to build deep trust, meaningful customer relationships as well as sustainable profits. 

In addition to her latest book, The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business, she is the creator of Crack the Code to Get Promoted, a leadership & career advancement course for corporate professionals as well as the author of three health books and a wellness program. 

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The Serving Mindset on Charging Appropriately: How to Price Yourself and Position Your Value to Customers

  • How to stop underselling and price yourself appropriately

  • How to position your products/services as an investment and articulate the value of that investment effectively to your prospective customers

  • How to navigate the crucial conversations, address concerns and arrive at mutually beneficial agreements

The Serving Mindset on Addressing Objections Effectively: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Deepen Trust to Arrive at Agreements

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs around objections and see them as your highest competitive advantage

  • How to detect voiced and unvoiced objections in a conversation 

  • How to effectively address the objections in a way that deepens trust, nurtures openness of dialogue and helps you arrive at a mutual agreement