Sales Symposium 2... Coming Summer 2020...St Louis!

Atlantic States Telephone Answering Association


Michael Schidtmann


Mike Schmidtmann coaches business owners and sales leaders for Solution Providers across the USA. He works to drive results in sales recruiting, new business development, and profitability.

Mike led sales for Inacom Communications for ten years. He then founded and built a $30 Million business unit for SPS covering five states. His company was listed as the #1 Telecommunications Reseller three years in a row by the Washington Business Journal. In 2005, he was honored by Avaya for making the largest competitive win-back sale in the United States. 

Mike produces the award-winning Trans4mers webinar series on IT sales and management subjects. He contributes content for IT channel publications, and is a frequent public speaker on business and sales topics.



How to Be More Persuasive in Sales ~ Using Principles of Influence to Get Results

What would it mean if you could influence people more effectively? Persuasive salespeople make more sales and sell at higher margins. They negotiate more effectively and have happier customers. Their proposals move through the approval process quickly, and don’t hang in their pipeline for months. They do this with integrity and professionalism. 

How can we be more compelling and effective with our customers and prospects? Using the latest science on thinking, motivation, and decision making, we will explore how to use basic psychological techniques to “move the needle”. The surprising and sometimes counter-intuitive practices will pay immediate results in your sales activities. 

This session will share the best practices to influence the thinking of other people, and to motivate them to take the action you want. You will learn: 

  • How to create urgency to take action 

  • Negotiate better prices, terms, and margins 

  • Gain higher-level appointments 

  • Overcome difficult objections